Spring Has Sprung!

Spring on Library Mall

It’s finally getting nice out! Nice as in – warm and not necessarily raining the whole time – Yay!! What that also means is that classes are starting up again!

But first things first: I made a website for my dog training! www.Scruff2Fluff.com
And a facebook page!
Go Like it!

Okay! Classes.
What kind of classes? Well – All kinds! First, I’ve finally gotten some things organized and I’ll be starting up teaching group dog classes out at Olbrich park on the east side of Madison beginning on Tuesday May 17th. To begin with, I’ll be holding a Life Skills Clinic class at 6:30 Tuesday nights. It’s rolling – so no beginning nor end (until the end of fall) – and it’s drop in. But email first! Go to my website to register. It will cover basic skills and manners for dog-friendly dogs. Potentially, I’ll be trying to get some shy-dog classes going later on, but that’s going to be based on demand.

Other classes! I’ve started teaching for Good Dog Home Obedience Training again in Arlington (north of Deforest). I’m teaching Pet Dog Manners classes for them, and after this first round, I’ll also be teaching Canine Good Citizen classes. Current PDM classes are Thursday evenings at 7 and Saturday mornings at 9:30. CGC classes will be held at 10:30 Saturday mornings.

One of my favorite things about the PDM classes is the 180 that some of the dogs do! Basic obedience classes are so much fun just because the changes you get to see in each dog are so dramatic. It’s pretty awesome. And! I’m working with a fantastic assistant up there this time around – her name’s Kate and she’s done a lot of work with search and rescue dogs – how cool is that?!

I would love to get more of my own classes going – trekking up to Arlington is kind of a long haul, even from the east side! So, spread the word! I’ll be printing out fliers and things for my Life Skills classes, too. Know anyone looking for a little obedience? New dog? Get ’em over here!

In other news!

I’m excited to be attending the Ian Dunbar seminar this coming weekend! Ian Dunbar is a huge figure in dog training – very influential. I’m actually really psyched about getting to go – so YAY!

So yeah! That’s all I’ve got for now! If you know anyone with a dog or getting a dog that wants training – tell them about me and send them on over! I’m going to be offering both group and private training. It’s gonna be awesome! 😀

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